Upcoming Producer of the week = “L.S. the Producer”

L.S., also known as Ladarris, is an up and coming hip-hop producer. Climactic introductions and sultry sounds litter his repertoire. Learning from his predecessors, L.S. continues to learn, constantly working to improve his sound. He accredits his talent to the hip-hop artists of yesteryears that have paved the way for him.

Some of his work: http://lstheproducer.imeem.com/music/J_TabAWM/the_truths_instrumental/

He’s open for serious musicians to contact him, if you are interested in purchasing a beat, send a detailed email to lstheproducer@gmail.com or a detailed message to http://myspace.com/lstheproducer and we will get respond to you at our earliest convenience.


2 Responses to “Upcoming Producer of the week = “L.S. the Producer””

  1. Young Neezy Says:

    Yo whats good B. Keep up the good work we goin all the way to the top. You my favorite producer

  2. Cory top Says:

    I love your beats

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